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Encouraging Mums With Hope: Light in the Darkness of Maternal Depression
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Encouraging Mums With Hope: Light in the Darkness of Maternal Depression

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Author: Nicki Jeffery

Are you a mother struggling to cope?

Are you constantly overwhelmed and anxious?

Do you long for better mental health to be able to care for yourself and your family?

When storms engulf you and everything is dismal and grey, Encouraging Mums With Hope: Light in the Darkness of Maternal Depression will bring you back into the sunshine.

Australian author Nicki Jeffery and a large group of mothers, health professionals and pastoral care workers address BODY, SOUL, and SPIRIT in this uplifting book.

Filled with tips, practical strategies, and loads of encouragement, you will discover that you are not alone.

Encouraging Mums With Hope - empowerment for women of faith during their season of maternal depression.

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If you’re a mum or a mum-to-be, this book will equip and encourage you on every level. Nicki Jeffery provides practical help and uplifting advice for mums who want to enjoy a healthy body, mind, and spirit. She writes with authenticity and compassion because she’s “been there” as a mom and because she courageously overcame postnatal depression.

— Jerusha Clark, Author of Living Beyond Postpartum Depression  

 Nicki Jeffery's Encouraging Mums With Hope gives practical advice for new mothers in the first month after their baby is born. As a survivor of postnatal depression, Jeffery understands that the postnatal period is when women are most vulnerable to developing mental illness. She uses her firsthand experience and the knowledge of experts to take women through the early postnatal period and into a discussion about postnatal depression.

This is a book that will speak to any new mother who is overwhelmed by the initial experience of motherhood. It provides an insider's guide to coping with depression that is both compassionate and which also gives agency to the mother herself.

 — Diana Jefferies RN PhD Member of ACMHN