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Timmy Boyle

Inside Timmy's Mind

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Author: Timmy Boyle

WARNING! Do not read this book while drinking mild—or any other beverage—unless you enjoy the sensation of liquid spurting out your nose.

What is absurd, ridiculous, random, and downright hysterical? The inside of Timmy Boyle’s mind.

If laughter is the best medicine, you will be healthy for months after reading Inside Timmy’s Mind — a collection of insanely pointed and laugh out loud funny accounts of everyday life, as seen through the eyes of Canadian up-standing comedian Timmy Boyle.

Inside Timmy’s Mind was not written to enlighten you with life-changing secrets or to bombard you with advice on business success, improving your health, or enriching your marriage. The main purpose is to make you laugh, something Timmy Boyle easily accomplishes with his natural wit and clean comedy.

Combine Timmy’s laugh out loud humour with the make-you-smile cartoons by talented illustrator Dave Coleman, and you have a book you will want to go back to again and again. Better buy two copies. We’re sure you’ll wear the first out very fast, particularly if your kids get to it. Inside Timmy’s Mind is packed with fun for the whole family.

But leave your glass of milk in the fridge.



TIMMY BOYLE is a writer, speaker, and one of the fastest rising stars in clean comedy. His greatest desire is to bring the gift of laughter to the masses by providing a high quality entertainment experience through live performance, video, and writing. Founder of Up Standing Comedy and Canada’s first clean comedy club circuit, Timmy has appeared regularly on the reality TV show Comedy Tournament and received rave reviews for his stand-up appearances across North America.


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