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Breath of Fresh Air Press

Stolen Postcards

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Author: Jan Ackerson

A bundle of lives, captured in one hundred wordsone story for every day of the year.

Stolen Postcards has a cast of three hundred and sixty-six characters (maybe a few more)—a new one for each day of the year. But unlike a sprawling epic that covers years or decades in the lives of its characters, in this book you’ll read only a pivotal moment for each person. And what a fascinating mix of people—here you’ll find a novice nun who spends her nights in an unexpected pastime and a fashion model who makes a surprising choice. You’ll meet a hoarder, a kleptomaniac, the mother of a long-missing child. Each tiny story is a glance at a snapshot of the characters’ existence—like postcards from their lives.

Each story has been written in exactly one hundred words. They’re depictions of that moment in time when a life teeters, and then either wobbles off in a new direction or settles more firmly into the old one. Stripped of exposition and lengthy description, these stories invite you to look quickly but carefully—and sometimes even to finish the story yourself.

Whether you start on January 1st and enjoy one tidbit each day or you open the book and read at random, you’re sure to find someone who will speak to your heart.

One hundred words have never said so much.

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